yomma is a company that provides services uniting art, technical expertise and sign language. The services we provide include, among other things, events and event management, sign language courses and website design.

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Why "yomma"?

yomma – it’s a word that many people think they know at first, but then they realise that it’s completely unfamiliar and just might stand for something completely new. yomma is the name of the new service company created by the two of us, Mathias Schäfer and Benedikt J. Sequeira Gerardo.

yomma is a made-up word, created out of three ideas. First, we have the philosophy of the company, which sees everything in a constant state of change. A full stop would stand for an absolute conclusion, whereas a comma always leaves something open. A comma instead of a full stop is the first idea going into the name.

Our second idea is that we enjoy enabling other creative and competent people to implement and realise their ideas. In this sense, we’d like to say to these people “Come on in! You’re very welcome here.“ We say “Komm mal“, which often turns into “Komm ma“ in casual German.

And our third idea is that, with competence and willingness to try, we seem to be able to make things possible that previously seemed impossible. Instead of immediately saying “Nope, we can’t do that!“ we say “Yo, why not? We’ll have a look and see how it goes.“ “Comma“, “Komm ma“ and “Yo“ are the ingredients that went into our name: yomma.

Accessibility for everyone

Would you like to make your product or service accessible to everyone but don’t know how? Welcome to yomma! We develop individual concepts for the implementation of accessible media.

It is our goal to use our professional translating and interpreting services to facilitate full and sustainable participation in society for people with particular linguistic needs and ensure that they have access to all forms of media.

We will translate your media into sign language. In our film studio in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin, we produce BITV-complying navigation films for websites, sign language guides for museums and exhibitions, promotional films for public and private institutions and all kinds of translations.

Learn Sign Language in Berlin

Anyone can learn German Sign Language (DGS) with us. Whether you want to learn for work, study or just for your own interest, we would like to provide you with classes highly motivated teachers and a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. We have a variety of courses, some running for a weekend, others for a period of 1-2 weeks, and others that are once a week. We offer beginner courses, advanced courses as well as courses on a special topic.

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